Friday, August 24, 2012

From Chasing Fins to Chasing Mr. WhiteTail

             We had an average Rockfish Season on the Chesapeake Bay.   The boys did well this Spring Gobbler Season and it took Gary quite a while to get those simple birds off his mind!   We think he is finally back and starting to focus on Whitetails!  The Off Shore fishing season has been one of the best in years!  The Tuna bite was hot and a steady with some decent Bill fish mixed in!   White Marlin Open tournament week wore us out!   Congrats to my buddy on The Fish Wistle for winning $55,000 with a big Tuna. Congrats to a Mike Runk Jr who hunts in our clubs he is the mate on Reelentless and is currently 1st on the leader board in the Mid Atlantic with a 79 pound White Marlin worth over $700,000!!!  Sure hope it holds up for those boys!!!

            We  are excited for the upcoming Whitetail  season.  This year it opens 8 days earlier on the 7th of September instead of the usual Sept 15th opener!   We are getting fired up over the hit list that we posted this week and are sure it will be growing with new camera locations we just set up!   We will be doing are best to give you updates as the season progresses at least once a week.   We we will bring you a video as often as we get the good action. So stay tuned We are Back!  Game on!  

             Our prayers go out to the family's that were touched in the Ellicott City train accident a few days ago.