Tuesday, November 15, 2011


November 2nd -  A day to remember!

Brendan shoots and scores AGAIN!  Except this time it is not with a lacrosse stick but a bow and arrow!  We won't tell the full story yet but last night Brendan had not even made it into the stand when he ran an arrow through Old Yeller!!!!  Thats right Old Yeller and six other bucks were chasing a hot doe across the field and he made a fatal mistake and met Brendan's Rage tipped Full Metal Jacket!!!  Story to follow    

Matt, Bob and Mike arrived in Iowa Saturday.  The hunt started out slowly due to some warm weather and it seemed like the bucks were not really rolling yet.  However on 11/2 some much needed rain and a cold front got them moving and we got the call from Matt last night saying that he shot one at last light and was going to start the tracking job this morning.  Sounds like a good one and we hope to follow up with the video and story when they return!

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Make sure to watch this weeks episode of Brendans story on his hunt with "Old Yeller and Jake Takes out "Dragon"

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