Friday, November 1, 2013

Gettin' After 'Em

The beginning of the season has been going well, we are back to going hard on our doe management. Gary struck first with a great older buck this season. He has been watching him for two years now and has his sheds from the past two seasons, this is how he got his name, Radar.
Matthew followed up with another fat old deer, Big Hosse. Mike Mundorf has been hunting hard and bagging does, along with Jerry Judge who passed up a few good ones.

Our nephew Rett Jamison got his first deer ever this season using his bow. The newest member Buck (Old Salty) passed up two good ones with a smoke pole.

Everyone is hot on the trail for several other big boys, rut is here and the bucks are finally coming out of the wood work. Good luck to everyone this week.

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