Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Heating up as the weather cools!

Saturday morning was a great morning and the does were really on their feet!  The front blew through and the deer must have been able to sense the 20-30 mph winds that were predicted for the afternoon.  Our crew harvested four mature does Saturday morning.  Bob Allen took 3 in one sitting, not bad considering all were bow kills and perfect shots!  

We are now looking forward to the cooler weather that is predicted for the end of this week and the moonguide is also predicting good daytime movement.  This combination could prove to be very deadly.    

The Maryland early muzzleloader season begins this Thursday and we would not be surprised if one of our hit list bucks ends up on the ground!  We are still staying out of some of our best spots trying to keep them fresh for the pre-rut when the big boys will be on their feet! 

Remember if you are bowhunting during the muzzleloader season you must wear florescent orange and have purchased your muzzloader stamp.

This Saturday was also the opening day for Maryland's early duck season, and from the reports the wooducks must have been holed up in their tight spots due to the high winds.  

Tomorrow morning will be Wil's first morning in the marsh this yeah and it looks like the weather will be great for duck hunting 

Swing over to our facebook page and let us know how your season is going. Feel free to post pictures and stories, as we would love to hear from you.  

Here is a picture of Matthew Severo and his First buck shot with a bow! Nice buck Matthew, Congratulations!

Good luck this week with the smoke poles!

~ the Bitmore Outdoors Crew


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