Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Key in on the Corn Harvest!!!!

It is no secret that at this time of the year most of the deer spend their days bedded in the corn!  It is also no secret that the corn is being harvested right now and that can present a tremendous opportunity.  Over the past two weeks our crew has spent a LOT of time in treestands overlooking cornfields.  Each time you watch a field being picked it is a learning experiance.   We now think we are better prepared to take advantage of the situation when it presents itself in the future.   

What we have learned...

Whenever possible talk to the farmer and find out how he is going to remove the corn from the field.  You have heard it from the farmers over and over but it is really true that most of the deer will stay in the corn until the final few rows have been picked.  Try to position yourself so that you are on an inside corner or in a finger that extends into the corn field on the end of the field where the farmer will finish!  The deer will keep moving towards the remaining standing corn and most of them will break out of the field and head for cover at the very last minute.  Ideally you want to be just inside the woods edge between the last corn that will be harvested and the thickest bedding area that is close to the field edge. 

Easy Pickings...

With the winds and rain that we have had this summer a lot of the corn that is being cut is not making it into the combines.  Hunting over a fresh cut corn field allows the deer to have easy eating opportunities by just roaming in the fields and browsing on the newly fallen corn.  Keep this in mind when choosing your spots the first couple days after the harvest.

New Patterns...

Shortly after the farmers have finished harvesting the corn, the deer need to find new habitat to call home.  With ranges and pecking orders already established this summer, deer will be roaming around trying to establish or find new areas. Even during the "October Lull" the deer will be moving during daylight hours contending for that new spot.  Also keep in mind that this time of year the late beans are getting tall and the bucks that once lived in the corn are moving towards the beans and spending the daylight hours bedded there.  When thinking about your entry and exit strategies from the stands make sure you consider this before making the trek.

Again most of us our now experiencing the dreaded "October Lull" but taking advantage of the corn harvest can add some excitement to your hunts!  With a little luck a mature buck might be your prize!  

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