Thursday, October 6, 2011

A couple great days!

Just as we expected!   

The cooler temperatures and improved moon phase along with a lot of the corn being harvested the deer have been on their feet and most everyone is seeing more daylight activity.  We harvested a few more does over the weekend and are even seeing a few of our hit list bucks on their feet during legal shooting hours.  None have gotten close enough for one of us to close the deal but it is great seeing them during daylight and really gets the adrenelien flowing for the weeks ahead!  We have not recognized the the dreaded "October Lull" yet but feel confident that it is just around the corner!  Once it starts and over the next two weeks we will be focused on managing the herd and harvesting more does.   We do our best to stay out of our best areas while harvesting the does so that we don't educate our mature bucks any more then necessary.   

Trail camera bonanza! 

It seems that the scrapes are popping up all over and we have now moved our cameras off bait and on scrapes.  From now until the end of October is the best time to capture photos of the best bucks in your area as they are working to establish their territoiries.  They are fairly easy to catch on camera at night when they are running field edges and logging roads laying out sign.   We hope to post some new photos over the next few weeks to prove this point! 


I absolutely love this time of year! The past few days we have had some great North winds, and with the colder temperatures the Ducks and Canada Geese have been arriving in by the thousands!  We are fortunate enough to live next to the water and adjacent to a large roosting area, so right now as I am typing this, my background music is about 3000 geese honking and carrying on.  

It's only a few days left until duck season and a few weeks left until goose season, so hopefully we will have some good footage soon for you up on the website!


~ the Bitmore Outdoors Crew

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