Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's all about the moon!

With a few days into the season and limited success let's take a look at what makes or breaks our hunts.

It's all about the moon!  
The moon guide doesn't lie!  The first two days of the season we had great weather with the temperatures both days more then 10 degrees below normal.  Yet the movement in the morning was extremely slow!  In fact on the season opener we had six guys in the woods and only saw a few deer !  The evenings were a little better but still slower then you would expect with the cool weather.  By the time the moonguide improved and told us to be in the woods we got three inches of rain followed by four days of extremely warm weather and high humidity.  The mature bucks have now transistioned to their fall coats and habits, and the weather shut them down during daylight hours.  We only had a few mature buck sightings and nothing close enough to get excited about.

Forecast for the rest of the month!!

The weather in the Northeast is not supposed to change until Thursday or Friday when we can finally expect some cooler temperatures.   We plan on getting a few doe kills on video early this week and then hunt some of the hit list bucks we have located later in the week!  

The moonguide we use can be found at  According to the moonguide, history tells hunters that the best times to see the most deer movement hunters need to be in the woods or field when the moon is directly overhead (primary time), directly under foot (secondary) or at the sunrise/sunset times. As with anything else, weather conditions and hunting pressure certainly have an influence on deer movement but day in day out the moonguide is an excellent tool that we use to plan our time in the woods! Of course we also subscribe to the old adage you can't kill 'em on the couch! 

I hope this helps with an understanding of how the moon influences deer movement, and more importantly a mature bucks needs this time of year.  

Keep looking in at the website as there will be a new video up soon with a recap of the past few hunts as well as Wil's doe kill last Wednesday.

Here are a few recent photographs that we have gotten, and a nice shed that Mike found on tuesday! 

Old Yeller

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