Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Almost here...

It's so close we can taste it!

It's Tuesday afternoon, only 38 hours until we're back in our stands with arrows knocked! 

Yesterday Matt, Mike and Wil joined up in Queesntown to do some last minute stand placement, do a few safety checks on some of the other stands and pulled some cameras.  We were able to test out Matt's new Sony NX5U and that camera is awesome! Lightweight, smooth, easy operation, hopefully another will be joining the ranks soon...

After double checking everything, Matt headed back to Howard County and Mike and Wil met up with Brendan and headed up to Southeast Creek to try their hand at some resident geese.  As luck would have it, last night was the only night that they failed to come in at dark.  With no wind and a Full moon, if I were a goose I would feed all night as well.

This morning the Bitmore Outdoors crew joined up with Bob Lynch and put the finishing touches on the website.  There are still a few small things to do yet, but it is about 95% complete!  This is going to be a fun season with all of the footage we are expecting to get. 

Be sure to check out the video we posted with a short intro clip and a small look into the hunts of the past.

We love feedback and will take any and all ideas that you, our audience, has to offer.  Let us know if anything is misspelled or misplaced. Bitmore Outdoors is an awesome crew but we're not perfect.

Thanks for your time and your interest, stay tuned here and on our facebook page, and keep checking back to the website for more videos!


~the Bitmore Outdoors Crew

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