Friday, September 23, 2011

Blood on the tailgate!

Finally, fall is here! Well it's a rainy, muggy Friday here for the Bitmore Outdoors Crew.  

With a shifting moon and warm South winds the past few days have been fairly slow for most of us.  

Matt and Mike have been out every day without seeing a whole lot of action or letting any arrows loose.  

On wednesday afternoon I was able to finally seal the deal on a nice mature doe. After I posted about going into stealth/predator mode in, "Back in the Grind", it paid off. I was able to slip into the corn with these funky SE winds we've been having and put down a doe.  After fighting off the millions of mosquitos and enduring a long sit, at about 6:50 a few does slipped out of the corn at about seven yards.  In my excitement of having deer so close to me while I was on the ground, I forgot to press record.  I realized this right about the time I squeezed the trigger on my release and the arrow flew right over her back.  I forgot to adjust to how close she really was.  Dejected, I nocked another arrow and waited in hopes of another doe, seeking to redeem myself.  At about 7:12 two fawns filed across the waterway at the same 7 yard mark and I knew momma had to be close behind.  I was looking out and picking a spot at 40 yards to judge distances, and just at that moment out came a nice mature doe.  I judged her to be 38 yards and pressed the record button.  Double checked that it was red, and settled in for the shot.  After I released the arrow I knew it was a touch forward, but I heard her crash in the corn about 100 yards out.  After reviewing the footage I packed up and headed home to meet Jenna and get Nelli for the track.  Now once Nelli gets her harness on she gets really excited, and as soon as Jenna and I walked her to the first blood, she was right on the trail. Within five minutes Nelli led us straight to the dead deer! Even with flashlights I am sure a blind man could have found the deer but it was very exciting and rewarding to watch Nelli use her instincts to do her job.  I couldn't have been happier!  She has come a long way since her first track at 8 weeks! Here is a few screen grabs from the film, that should be up in next weeks episode.
38 yards

Successful track by Nelli!
Matt and Mike are headed this way to the Shore as we speak.  Hopefully someone will put down (what I realized today) one of our 26 hitlist bucks this weekend, it's only a matter of time!

Every day we are picking up more and more geese, and the other night I saw my first flock of migrating mallards.  It's getting closer and closer!

Go check out the website when you have a chance, as I have updated a few things.  

Also look for a video sometime next week recapping our the past two weeks of the season!

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