Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back in the grind!

Opening evening sunset
Well we made it, the season is here! Cool temperatures and North winds have made for some great sits, and tons of migrating geese.  I love this time of year when you can go outside and hear the geese cruising in.

Nothing big has hit the dirt yet, but it is only a matter of time before someone here at Bitmore Outdoors scores.

The first week has been pretty slow compared to the anticipation we all had going into the season.

Mike Mundorf (Matt's brother) was the first to break the ice on a nice doe the other night at the Manor.

Gary saw two shooters that were just out of range and had a few opportunities at some does, but is still holding out for one of the many bucks on his list.

Jenna has been hard at it every evening and has had some great encounters with some young bucks and a near death experience for the Big 9 on Saturday evening.  It was just a touch out of range and after camera light (lucky for him).

I had a great encounter with the Homer 8 here at home and have been trying to outsmart him this week to no avail, time to switch it up a little.  It seems as though he has gone into his solo mode and split away from his normal group, as I had the whole harem of does and his best buddy, the little 8 (still in Velvet), at ten yards yesterday morning.

Matt and Mike have had some good encounters with some young deer and some serious restraint on a few does that were tempting Matt to let one fly.

Brendan has definitely putting his hours on stand this week and like the rest of us has had little action.  He and Mike filmed a nice 140" 3.5 year old the other night, determining that it was too young to shoot.

The Full moon that we had last week made for tough hunting all around, but every day it seems to be getting just a little better.  Everyone keeps seeing just enough deer to keep fueling the fire.

I am going to throw a curve ball at the deer tonight and use the standing corn to my advantage.  These S, SE winds are horrible for most of my stands, so I will be forced to go into stealth mode tonight.  Hopefully it will work out.  I love changing it up every once in a while, but I was inspired by the latest Muddy's Midwest Whitetail to do this tonight.

It feels good to finally be back in predator mode.  

Lastly I will leave you all with some pictures from the past week of hunting, including some great shots from our goose hunt.

Setting some stands prior to season in the Hunt Ve

Season's almost here, last minute stand prep.

Early season Goose hunt on Southeast Creek
Doesn't get a whole lot better

Sunset over the Chester River

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